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Butler Credit Dashboard in Topline OS: Your Financial Management Reimagined

  • December 4, 2023
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Having a track of the money you spend on different projects sometimes can be tricky. But, what if you have the chance to add a certain amount of credits a month, and then spend it on the tasks your business needs? That’s why we’ve designed the Butler Credit Dashboard. It has different features that will make understanding and managing your credit a breeze.

Here is a list of the main features we added: 


1. Complete Credit Overview 

This dashboard allows you to get a crystal-clear view of your credit status at a glance. You can track your current balances, credit limits, and utilizations rates from the dashboard. 


2. Real-Time Tracking 

Our system gives you information and updates instantly, and keeps you in the loop about your credit usage.


3. Easy Credit Addition

With this dashboard you can add credits easily. You can use your credit card and add as many credits you want. 


4. Detailed Spending Analysis

Dive deep into your spending patterns. Break down expenses weekly, monthly, or for a custom period to make smarter financial choices.


5. Alerts and Notifications

Stay on top of your finances with personalized alerts. We will nudge you when you are nearing your credit limit or when a payment is due.


6. Secure and Private 

Your financial security is our utmost concern. Rest easy knowing your data is safeguarded with top-notch encryption and security measures. 

It is easy to get started. Just log into your Topline OS account, and head over to the Butler interface. There you will find the new Butler Credit Tracking Dashboard waiting to kickstart your journey toward efficient and effective financial management. 


Our team is here to support you every step of the way. With the Butler Credit Dashboard, you are not just managing your finances, you are mastering them.

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