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Welcome to Topline®, helping the best professionals win. We believe in a world where every skilled professional has the opportunity to stand out independently and with over 70 million people in the United States already providing independent services, and billions of work opportunities becoming available to talent worldwide it’s becoming more difficult to stand out as a professional, and hire the best professionals not just the best promoters.
We do that in 3 ways: Remove the friction of hiring professionals. Provide tools to help the best professionals stand out. Offer trusted information on service providers and firms.
We’re building the world’s largest public search engine of professionals with over 700 Million Global Professionals and growing, along with Topline OS tools to level the playing field for independent providers and growing firms. Our team is committed to creating a new way of working that values meritocracy and accountability.
Our comprehensive suite of Topline® OS Software – Sales, Marketing, Admin, and Mobile – is designed to streamline operations for independent professionals and growing professional services firms.
As we look forward to the next ten years, our vision is clear: to become the number one destination for professionals connecting with work opportunities. Join us on this journey as we tame the wild west of online professional services and create a world where talent and opportunity meet seamlessly. Because at Topline®, we’re not just building a platform; we’re building a future where the best professionals win.

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Our Values

Guiding principles in every endeavor

Our core values aren’t just words on a page—they are the principles that anchor our decisions, shape our strategies, and define how we interact with our clients and each other.


At Topline, our professional index is designed to reward excellence, offering visibility and opportunities based on a meritocratic scoring system, ensuring only top-rated professionals stand out.

Unlocking Human Potential

We offer leading tools and services that allow professionals to grow their own way and through our Topline index enables professionals to showcase their specialized skills to a broad audience.

Community Matters

Our index reduces the isolation of solo professionals by connecting them with a wider community, ensuring their skills are recognized and valued across the Topline network.

Walk the Talk

At Topline, we use our own tools internally like Topline OS, Butler and Index. Sourcing and engaging top-rated professionals within our network, setting the standard for excellence.

Do the Hard Thing, The Right Way, Right Away

We’re proactive, solving problems before they arise, embracing tough conversations, and always prioritizing the right action swiftly.

Radical Candor

The Topline professional index thrives on honest, transparent feedback, promoting a culture where professionals are ranked candidly, fostering improvement and growth.

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