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How News Makers Win With Topline OS

For media professionals, maintaining connections and managing communications efficiently is key. Topline OS automates these processes, so you can concentrate on creating impactful content:

1. Comprehensive Marketing and Community Automation

The platform offers robust marketing and sales automation tools, including reputation and social media management. These features empower news makers to automate marketing campaigns, manage their online reputation, and engage effectively on social media platforms, as well as move casual fans to paid subscribers all through one tool. 

2. Automate and Scale Relationship Building

Enhance your role as a media professional by automating and scaling relationship management, catering to the nuances of your expertise. Manage stakeholder relationships across platforms, including SMS and physical mail, to effectively communicate with audiences like readers, subscribers, experts, and thought leaders.

3. Interactive and Always-On Communication Workflows

Ensure you’re always connected with your network by setting up sophisticated inbound phone routing and automated responses through email, SMS, and physical mail, tailored to various supporters and followers.

4. Referral Management & Affiliate Tracking

Leverage your position as a thought leader and newsmaker to support companies and causes you believe in. Accurately track and manage any custom affiliate structures you create, maximizing the value of your network and influence.

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We help professionals get back to their profession.We do that by eliminating the tedious work of finding and managing customers. We believe that professionals should focus on the services they provide—the things they do better than everyone else—and that software and specialists can manage the rest.

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