How Butler, Ad, and Usage Credits Work. For our phone system services, customers are charged $0.021 per minute for making calls, with $10 providing about 475 minutes of call time. Receiving calls costs $0.0128 per minute, where $10 will cover around 780 minutes. Text messages are billed at $0.0119 per segment, and a $10 credit will yield roughly 840 segments. For our email services, the cost to customers is set at $0.0014 per email. With a $10 credit, you can send approximately 7,145 emails. Topline 24×7 live call answering service is $3 per minute. Ad credits represent a blended mix of spend between ad creative, optimization, placement, and reporting managed at the discretion of Topline and the designated growth coach. We aim to optimize ROI as visible within your Account dashboard.

Butler credits are upfront service credits used to complete various marketing, sales and customer success tasks. These are spent through various projects and tracked through your Butler dashboard.

Pause or Downgrade of Service. During the Term, you may request a pause or a downgrade in your Services, however it will be in Topline’s sole discretion to determine if a pause or downgrade in Services is appropriate. No pause or downgrade will be effective without a signed written confirmation from both Topline and the Client. After the Initial Term, you may pause or downgrade your account with no less than 30 days’ written notice. After the Initial Term a downgrade that fully eliminates the recurring portion of certain services (e.g., Butler, Ad Credits, SMS, Phone etc.) shall be deemed a cancellation of such services and will terminate all Topline’s obligations related to that service at the end of the then current billing cycle. Further, the Parties agree that any downgrade that eliminates Topline’s Platform Fee will terminate all Topline’s obligations related to those removed services. The Parties agree that the preceding two sentences shall not apply to temporary downgrades accompanied by a signed agreement. You may upgrade or reinstate services at any time with a written or oral request.

No Refunds; Unused Credits. Unless we cancel your Services, no refunds will be provided for any amounts already paid to Topline. Upon cancellation of this agreement by you for any reason, any and all unused funds, credits or creative hours will be forfeited. If you downgrade to Topline Pro only plan or any other recurring services that do not include Topline Teams or Butler, any and all unused funds, credits, or creative hours remaining in your account at the time of the downgrade will be forfeited. The preceding sentence does not apply to temporary downgrades with a signed agreement.


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