Why are #hashtags important to your brand?

Including hashtags in your content is really important for your brand. They allow your users to interact with you, categorize content, and place your brand properly to be discovered. It is normal to think about hashtags in a digital way, since they came to the world with Twitter 15 years ago, 2007. But it can be included on your digital presence too. 

First of all, according to the Oxford dictionary, a hashtag is “a word or phrase with the symbol ‘#’ in front of it, used on social media websites and apps so that you can search for all messages with the same subject”. 

Hashtags can be a good way to place your brand in the market. They are great to sort out information in different groups. Also, they are known as a booster for reaching new audiences, creating engagement, and best of all, creating brand awareness. The most popular way to use them is through social media. 


#Social Media

When creating a social media strategy hashtags are a must-have. They are a great partner to marketers and businesses. Using them helps to create targeted campaigns and generate visibility. A social media strategy has to include trending, popular and relevant hashtags that help position the content. And of course, branded hashtags.  Finding them is not easy, but you can start by looking for those your audience is already following. This way you will get to trending topics easier and position your brand in the right place. 

On Instagram, hashtags are used to organize posts. If you use the right one, your content will be more searchable. This can help you get followers and likes. Also adding geographical tags will help you reach your business in a specific area you might be interested in. Twitter, you will get a 100% increase in engagement when you use hashtags. 

So, how many hashtags do you need to use to improve your brand awareness on social media? We estimate that for Instagram you should include 10-12 hashtags. For Facebook, even though is not as familiar with hashtags, you can use at least 2. Linked In, the professionals’ social platform is very similar to Facebook and experts recommend using 3-5 hashtags per post. And finally, on Twitter, you can use up to 5 hashtags. But keep in mind that you have to use relevant hashtags for your brand and for the social platform. 



Hashtags work as a search engine. You just type the topic and all the content related to it will appear. This can be very useful when trying to improve SEO for a company or small business. If your brand has a slogan, don’t be afraid to create a hashtag with it. Start using it in your posts and add more trending and related hashtags to position your brand. 



Another way to include hashtags in your marketing efforts is by inviting your public to use them. Let’s say you threw an event. What if you invite the participants to upload a picture of them in the event, or with a product, using your branded hashtag. That will help your brand to get positioned and recognized by more people.

‍Hashtags have a lot of relevance in improving a brand’s reach and awareness on social media. By using the right hashtags, powerful content, and excellent customers relationship, the brand or business will grow successfully. 

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