Topline 24/7 AI: Your Always-On Assistant

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, Topline 24/7 AI, now available in Topline for all users. Your conversation AI Bot can now be your 24/7 assistant, ready to respond to leads and conversations instantly, no matter the time of day or night. This exciting addition to our platform is designed to streamline your interactions, improve customer engagement, and enhance your overall experience.


Getting started with Topline 24/7 AI is a breeze. Simply follow these steps: 


  • Access Conversation AI Settings

Head over to your Topline account settings and navigate to the ‘Conversation AI’ settings. 


  • Enable Auto-Pilot

You will now find the new ‘Auto-Pilot’ mode in the ‘Settings’ tab. Toggle it on to activate this feature for your bot. 

Topline 24/7 AI offers a range of powerful features to ensure your conversations are handled seamlessly:


– Delayed Response

When an inbound message arrives, your bot will wait for a configured amount of time before collecting all messages within that conversation and responding to the contact. 


– Channel Integration

Topline 24/7 AI is available for three major communication channels: SMS, Facebook, and Instagram. You can easily configure these channels within the Bot Setting tab. 


– Manual and Workflow Handling

The Topline 24/7 AI bot will only reply to inbound messages. If a conversation involves manual or workflow-based messages, the bot will temporarily go to sleep for 2 hours. 


– Feedback and Training

Every message sent by the Topline 24/7 AI bot will include options for users to provide feedback with Thumbs up and Thumbs down. This invaluable feedback mechanism allows you to improve the bot’s responses, add frequently asked questions, and enhance its training. 


– Timer Display

A timer will be displayed within the conversation box when Topline 24/7 AI is active and responding to a conversation. This informs your contact that the bot is actively engaging with their messages. 


– Own Website Training

This new technology allows you to teach AI by providing content from your own website. The AI will learn from it and potentially perform tasks or provide information related to the topics present on your website. This process helps the AI become more knowledgeable and capable in a context that is relevant to your own online presence.


– Advanced Auto-Pilot Settings 

For those looking to fine-tune their Topline 24/7 AI experience, we offer advanced settings in the Bot Settings Tab: 

  • Business Name: You can configure the name your Conversation AI bot will use when interacting with users. 

  • Wait Time Before Responding: Customize your bot’s time before responding to multiple messages from a contact. Choose a delay between 1 second and 5 minutes, with the default set at 2 minutes. 

  • Maximum Messages Limit: Set a limit on the number of messages the bot can send to a single contact within a conversation. Once this limit is reached, the bot will go to sleep for that contact. You can reactivate the bot by marking the conversation as ‘Read’, with the default limit being 10 messages in a single conversation.


Try out Topline 24/7 AI today and discover the convenience of having a 24/7 assistant to engage with your customers and leads. We value your feedback, so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can further improve and tailor this feature to meet your specific needs. 


Enhance your customer interactions and streamline your communication processes with Topline 24/7 AI. We are excited to see how this feature transforms your conversations! 


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