4 reasons to start being a sustainable company

Sustainable businesses are the preferred choice lately. People have become more aware of the climate crisis the planet is facing. When a company includes environmentally friendly processes becomes a life-changing one, and that aspect can become the guarantee of success

Buying eco-friendly products, working with a sustainable brand, and start leaving a suitable footprint in the world are the most highlighted characteristics businesses can have. If you are wondering why you should include sustainability in your company, here are 5 reasons to start doing it right away. 

1. Climate change is real

A common belief about climate change is that it doesn’t exist. 13% of Americans believe humans aren’t responsible for climate change. The truth is it really exists and it is moving faster and 100% of it, is because of human activity. In the last 30 years, climate change disasters have tripled

Carbon dioxide is increasing 250 times quicker, compared to the last Ice Age. And 95% of the thickest Arctic ice is gone. I can continue with a list of all the unfortunate events that are happening worldwide, like fishing. We are kind of late to start thinking about sustainability, but that is not a reason to not do so.

2. Leave a better image of your business 

Being aware of the problem the planet is facing is a great step. Now, changing processes inside your business is a huge one. What if your company starts printing both sides of the paper? That would be good. What if your company stops using plastic straws and changes them to eco-friendly ones? Probably you will attract more customers. 

Small changes in energy usage, water, and anything that can reduce consumption can leave a great image of your business. This will affect the perspective, not only your customers, your suppliers, and employees. And the one that will be positively affected is the planet and in consequence, humankind.

3. Build customer loyalty and advocacy

When your business applies sustainable actions, everyone notices. As said before, the perspective of your public will change. And who does not want to work with a company that cares for our planet? I do. 

A sustainable business is more likely to be preferred over the ones that are not. By giving your customers, employees, and suppliers, the option to be environmentally friendly along with you, they will never want to leave or stop their relationship with you. This will be loyalty. But, there is more. They will love to share their experiences with others, creating advocacy and attracting more people to buy and be environmentally friendly with you. 

4. Employee engagement 

Nothing works best in a company than having dedicated employees who want to help the businesses grow. What if we add to it, employees that are proud of being part of it. Being a sustainable business is something to be proud of. It means making a good impact on the environment, and the planet that we live on. 

If you include good and sustainable processes in your company, even if it is a small one, you will increase your employee engagement. There is a satisfaction that goes inside those who work and know they are making a difference in the world. 

Being sustainable as an individual can make a change. You can start recycling, reusing, planting trees, and looking closely at the daily use products that are in your household.  But when you start adding those environment-friendly habits to your business, that will make a bigger positive impact on the planet. 

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