Time Stamper

Tracks Work Time, lost time, shop time, lunch time, no shows

With this feature you have all the data needed to make intelligent decisions about your labor force. All time is accounted for and can be posted to the repair orders directly and automatically.

Completely replaces your old time clock and allows you to ferret out the Time Bandits in you shop. This is a very powerful tool that allows your Techs to clock on and off each job they work on. All time is posted to the job at your convenience.

Time Stamper Reports For use in payroll, management, wage negotiation or labor board meetings. Shows Production, Shop, Lunch and the sick days an employee had for a given period, and how many of them were MONDAYS! (great for labor board disputes).

By looking at the color-coded Time Stamper screen you can instantly see if your shop is functioning or not, just by the colored slots. This allows you to keep your shop running at peek performance.



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