RO System


Feature Benefit to You
Canned Jobs
An Unlimited number of pre made jobs can be entered into the system for use whenever they are needed. This saves you time and effort and guarantees that you don’t forget an item.
Canned Jobs, create from RO screen
Canned jobs can be made based on an existing RO, so you don’t have to build them from scratch.
QuickBooks Accounting integration module available
Topline integrates to Quick Books Accounting,
Core tracking database
Allows you to locate and retrieve cores you are owed.
Data Edits,
Edit Customer, Vehicle or Inventory on the fly
No need to leave the Repair Order to make changes. Just window in the appropriate file. Saves time and effort.
Data Entry,
Update Point & Shoot windows from the RO
This feature saves your frequently used data to a defaults file and allows you to pick it from a menu next time you need it. No need to retype the same data again.
Data entry, Pop up point-and-shoot windows with default values
City, state, zip, make, model, user-defined fields and labor descriptions can be picked from pop up windows. This saves countless keystrokes and eliminates spelling errors.
Data Entry, Allows you to use boiler plates
Make your labor descriptions or your diagnostic descriptions as elaborate as you want, then save them to an ASCII text file for use at a later time. You can reuse the text as often as you want and never have to type it in again. This also allows you to share your descriptions with others by giving them copies of your text files.
Data Entry, Inventory add part numbers on the fly
Any part on the RO can be initiated in inventory by the touch of a button. This ensures that you have access to description, cost & list pricing the next time you sell the part.
Data Entry, Inventory Force sell
Force sells Inventory you are low on or choose alternate and superseded part numbers on the fly. Saves time and effort.
Data Entry, National zip code database included
Just type in the zip codes and Topline will fill in the city & state. WOW!
Data updating, Updates by the touch of a button
When a customer moves you can update your master files with the info on the current RO by pressing a button. Saves time and effort.
Data, Automatic formatting of the data on the RO
Topline Capitalizes the first letter of each word automatically so your ROS look professional.
Follow up, dialing for dollars
All recommended repairs are tracked in our exclusive ‘dialing for dollars’ file, this allows you to keep in contact with your customers more frequently, thereby making them better clients.
Follow up – Integrated to Microsoft Office
This lets you send reminders to your clients, using ALL the features in Microsoft Word!
HELP, On Line help
(Romulus & Willow)
Context specific help is available at the bottom of the screen when you are entering data. By touching F1, you are transported to the Topline help system where you can search by keyword.
History, Saves history forever
Even when you delete old repair order, you have the option to maintain all the detail for history purposes.  
History , Searching and navigating with ease
You may view and scroll through history for any vehicle instantly at the touch of a key. This allows you to quickly see if you have worked on the same problem on this vehicle before.
(Willow residing over the pack)
Kit Builder,
Build assemblies from the RO
Topline will automatically adjust your inventory and the price & cost of the new assembly. (great for shops that build transmissions, drive shafts, axles, engines or any other sub assembly).
Labor Codes, vehicle specific
Only labor codes for the vehicle in question will be presented, saving you the time of hunting through hundreds of codes.
Labor, Fast write ups
Allows you to build the RO without typing in any labor, simply PULL it from the TIME STAMPER, or pick from one of hundreds of pre-made labor descriptions.
Labor, Sell by the hour or by flat rate
Topline will automatically recalculate the hours to match the flat rate if you so choose.
Labor, Time clock tied to the RO
All labor performed in the shop can be pulled directly to the repair order, for accurate job costing.
Menu system, Customizable defaults on sub menus
Saves thousands of wasted keystrokes.
Pop-Up calculator
Lets you make quick calculations on the fly.
Pop-Up calendar
Lets you quickly look up a date while on the RO.  
Pricing, Manipulate your pricing on the fly
Your profit margin will be recalculated in real time as you make changes. Choose from 40000 different calculation methods, 8 discount levels or just type in what you want to sell at.
Print repair orders, estimates, mailing labels, Customer lists, vehicle lists, Inventory lists, time clock reports, profit reports and much, much more.
Printing, Customize what gets printed
Individual flags let you control what gets printed on the RO. You have full control over what ends up on your repair orders.
Printing, Hot Key with over ride
CTRL-F10 power prints the RO without asking any further questions about recommended repairs or margins
Printing, HP laser jet support
If your printer is LaserJet II, III or IV compatible, Topline will let you print ROS with shading and boxes.  
Printing, multiple ROS
Topline can print all the ROS for any given period.
Topline Constantly Watches your Profit Margin
Recalculates totals/ costs/ profit margin/ average RO for any combination of time period and other filter! I.E.: customer number, license number, city, and make or model. VERY POWERFUL FEATURE! Within seconds you can know how much money a certain customer spent with you for one or more vehicles over any given time period, including how much you made on the transactions and how many jobs were in question This feature alone will pay for the system many times over!
Recommended repair, Alert is fully automatic
When you open a new job for the vehicle you will be prompted about the recommended repair so you may sell the job at that time; or you may run a report for recommended repairs pending to use in marketing efforts.
Recommended repair, Entry and Updates
Recommended Repairs go directly to the DIALING FOR DOLLARS DATABASE to keep your shop full of customers even when OTHERS ARE SLOW!
Recommended repairs, quick look ups
All recommended repairs EVER for a given vehicle are available at the touch of a button to make sure you never loose a potential job.
Powerful searches
Search by RO#, License #, Name, Company, Closing Date, Account number, Master Code, Phone or Make of vehicle.
Query manager in English
Lets you build complex filters (queries) so you only see the data that you want, using plain English. Topline converts the query and pulls out only the data that matches.
Scoping Capabilities
Lets you exploit the power of Topline’s many indexes to give you lightening fast subsets of data.
Security, Deletion Database
Topline saves all deleted records in a deletion database so you can identify theft and confront people who steal from you. We don’t Pussyfoot Around!
It’s like having a built in security force working for you.
Security, Password Capability
Maintain the security of your system by letting only the people who need access see the data.
Service Codes
You may create an unlimited number of service codes, so you don’t have to retype tedious information.  
Service Codes, Calculates by percentages
Topline Calculates all service codes by percentage of parts, labor or both with a minimum and maximum dollar amounts so you can force set the price.
Service Codes, Forced codes with override
Service codes can be set as forced codes so the system alerts you if you try to close a job without the code. This is especially good for hazardous waste and shop supplies.
Setup, Change columns on the fly
With Topline you can make changes to your look up windows, as you need them. All look-ups in Topline are customizable and can be done ON THE FLY!
Time Stamper , Tracks lost time, shop time, lunch time, no shows
With this feature you have all the data needed to make intelligent decisions about your labor force. All time is accounted for and can be posted to the repair orders directly and automatically.
Time Stamper , Fully integrated to the repair orders
Completely replaces your old time clock and allows you to ferret out the Time Bandits in you shop. This is a very powerful tool that allows your Techs to clock on and off each job they work on. All time is posted to the job at your convenience.  
Time Stamper, Complete reporting capabilities
For use in payroll, management, wage negotiation or labor board meetings. Shows Production, Shop, Lunch and the sick days an employee had for a given period, and how many of them were MONDAYS! (great for labor board disputes).  
Time Stamper, On screen display of resources
By looking at the color-coded Time Stamper screen you can instantly see if your shop is functioning or not, just by the colored slots. This allows you to keep your shop running at peek performance.





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