Instant receiving history
Instantly shows you all the vendor invoices the part was ever received on. When you need to know how much you paid for an item last time you bought it, this is how you do it.
OEM cross reference up to 15 items by the touch of a key
The OEM cross-reference feature will allow dissimilar part numbers to be listed next to each other for price comparison and cross over reference. It automatically picks out the most profitable item.
Rrecalculates year to date usage and last sold date for any part
INSTANTLY recalculates year to date usage and last sold date for any part so you have an accurate number in front of you when you are ordering from your vendors
Adjust inventory levels by historical data
If you choose, Topline will average the usage for any time period and adjust your minimum & maximum inventory levels to meet any length of time.

Back orders

Shows you when a part is backordered or already on a purchase order, so you don't order it again. New POs take the already ordered items into account

Batch menu for mass data manipulation, with query builder

With this feature you can change prices, description, vendor, calc method, category or any other attribute of your inventory to any subset of data, thereby modifying thousands of records at a time, instead of having to do it item by item.
Multiple search fields
Search or list your inventory by part number / vendor / bin location / alternate part number / description or OEM cross-reference. This feature allows you to find any item in record time.
Non stock item support
Support for non-stock-item, for purposes of tracking shop supplies and other non-part items. This is a handy way of keeping an item in the system without having to worry about it throwing off your inventory.
Any part with a note attached to it is now flagged! Note!! on the repair order and you can read and change the note directly from the parts line of the RO. This allows you to put special instructions about a part directly in your database, print the instruction and give it to the installer.
On screen discount
Discount grid shows 8 levels of pricing based on 40000 different calculation models. Just move the cursor to the price you want and press enter. All profit margins & markups are on the screen for your convenience
Tracks previous part number and vendor info
You don't loose you sales history for a part that changes vendor. This feature allows you to keep track of these numbers.
Unlimited number of inventory Items
Topline’s powerful searching features allows you to maintain pricing on tens of thousands of items and still be able to find an item in less than ½ a second!
Updates cost & list prices from your vendor’s floppy disk
A great time saver that also keeps your pricing in line. We supply you with the file structure so you can import your vendor's data and keep your Cross Ref current.




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